The Fall

The Fall is a new documentary project that aims to film the ascents of two 200+ feet of frozen waterfalls in the heart of Spiti Valley. This is the first attempt by a daring group of individuals to climb a 200-foot frozen waterfall in India. Showcasing the extreme physical, emotional, and psychological barriers that are met along the way, the team shows that the human spirit is capable of overcoming these barriers and achieving extraordinary results. The Fall is a project about hope and the unbreakable human spirit.

For two years, the team of filmmakers worked hard to plan, research, and make this project viable. Combining adventure cinematography and photography with mountain climbing and adventure sports, the team wanted to bring new techniques and methods into the creation of a documentary. It traveled to a very hostile environment to shoot this film and with the extreme conditions of Spiti valley, it was a difficult location to shoot. In order to make this dream a possibility, the team went through the best training process to be physically and mentally conditioned to accompany the trained mountaineers.