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Way to go, Argentina!

"Human rights groups applaud Argentina’s decision to cancel Israel football match & condemn Israel's 'propaganda lies and smears' against supporters of Palestinian rights." - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

APDP just released a Calendar of the Disappeared!

“Every page of calendar tells the story of the disappeared person. The calendar is a testimony that we haven’t forgotten them and they continue to live in the collective memory and in the memory of their dear ones,” says Immad Nazir of APDP.

Check out this effort to empower girls in Somalia!

The Galkayo Education Center recently opened a new center for girls and women in Harfo—the first of its kind in the Somalian town!

How can we increase education for Afghani women?

The Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education aims to provide high quality, affordable education to young Afghan women in political science, law, and economics and management.

Help Gazan children get the medical care they need!

Our friends at the Palestine Children's Relief Fund are organizing the #HealAChild campaign to raise funds to get children medical care they wouldn't otherwise be able to receive.



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