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Palestine Museum of Natural History

The Palestine Museum of Natural History and its Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability of Bethlehem University have a mission focused on research, education, and conservation of the natural world, culture, and heritage. They use knowledge to promote responsible empowered human interactions with all components of the environment. They also have a system for research, education, and conservation to address areas in need in Palestine. The museum grounds and its botanical garden are an oasis for wildlife in Bethlehem and for young people seeking alternatives and a new way of looking at themselves and their environment.

A 2016 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported monthly empowerment workshops and a festival that brought together activists and stakeholders in the permaculture area to network and share ideas. It also helped fund the purchase of garden tools for the permaculture farm at Bethlehem University.

Website: www.palestinenature.org