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Global Fund for Women (GFW)

The Global Fund for Women is one of the leading grantmaking foundations that advances women’s human rights by investing in women-led organizations worldwide. Their international network of supporters mobilizes financial and other resources to support women’s actions for social justice, equality and peace. Over more than two decades, GFW has provided $116 million in grants to more than 4,700 women-led organizations in 175 countries.

During times of crisis, such as the drastic escalation of violence in Palestine and Israel, women’s organizations are among the first groups to coordinate relief for their communities and to organize for peace. Global Fund for Women believes that strong women’s and civil society organizations are critical to decreasing the violence. They therefore support both Israeli and Palestinian women’s rights organizations inside Israel and Palestine – both Gaza and the West Bank. Global Fund is one of the few organizations that actively provide funds, over $1 million since 1989, and support for women working for peaceful change in this region.

A 2014 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network helped support the Women’s Platform for the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework, which will work to ensure that women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are engaged in efforts to bring about a sustainable peace.

Previous support from the Cultures of Resistance Network was used to mobilize resources for women’s rights groups in Gaza that helped heal the wounds from Israel’s 2008-2009 military assault and advance the rights of Palestinian women and girls.

Website: www.globalfundforwomen.org