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Generation Wave (via the Burma Fund)

Generation Wave is a pro-democracy Burmese youth movement founded in the wake of the anti-government protests best known as the Saffron Revolution. Aiming to build the capacity of pro-democracy and human rights efforts, the group’s ultimate goal is to overcome the oppression of dictatorship and achieve human rights for all Burmese citizens.

In addition to producing pamphlets and other media, Generation Wave educates people through a series of workshops on human rights issues, strategic planning and organizational development. The workshops are designed to promote broad knowledge of human rights and democracy, effective communication and collaboration and the practical skills needed for effective political participation at all levels. Specific workshops cover such issues as military service law, political prisoners, and freedom of expression.

A 2011 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network covered communication, transportation, and other costs for this nationwide campaign.The Burma Fund served as the fiscal sponsor for this grant.

Website: www.generationwave.org