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Conservation Music Lesotho

Conservation Music is a grassroots organization that cultivates the use of music as an educational tool for a healthy planet. Through its work, it strives to create balance between humankind, nature, and society through the production and distribution of educational content, musical workshops, live events, and classroom resources. The various forms of programming are designed with three goals in mind: to educate students and adults, to inspire public opinion and political will, and to mobilize the power of the music industry to prevent ecological disaster. The organization’s approach engages various members of the public, regardless of race, status, or level of education, giving vulnerable populations and local musicians a platform to contribute content created for environmental change and awareness.

Conservation Music Lesotho is the movement’s first official local chapter, making use of the strategies, structure, and portfolio pioneered by Conservation Music’s founders to implement focused education, campaigning, and change on the ground within the Kingdom of Lesotho. The young women-led team offers solar-powered screenings of eco-educational music videos and films at schools and communities across the country, featuring facilitated discussions and impact assessments. The chapter hopes to produce eco-music and videos of its own, offer tree plantings and litter cleanups, and host events.

For more information, visit the group’s website here.