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Bahrain Watch (Via Empowerment Works)

Bahrain Watch is an independent research and advocacy organization that seeks to promote effective, transparent and accountable governance in Bahrain.

Bahrain Watch was formed in February, 2012, by a group of researchers and activists with personal and academic ties to Bahrain. Following the February 2011 uprising and subsequent security crackdown in Bahrain, the government presented a narrative for the international media claiming that it had instituted a number of human rights and democratic reforms. The initial aim of Bahrain Watch was to investigate and assess those claims by providing a web platform that collates and documents publicly available evidence and presents it in a digestible manner to the public.

Since then, Bahrain Watch’s goals have broadened to include research and advocacy on all forms of governance in Bahrain, including political reform, economic development and security.

A 2014 grant from Cultures of Resistance Network was used to establish a website that investigates corruption in Bahrain through data visualization and interactive platforms.

Website: www.facebook.com/BahrainWatch