Friends of the Cultures of Resistance Network

At the Cultures of Resistance Network, we're always looking for new ways to collaborate with artists and activists around the world. Our project Friends of the Cultures of Resistance Network will allow supporters of the CoR Network to work more closely with us as well as to link up with each other, share your stories and skills, and find inspiration in parallel struggles for peace and justice.

On this page, we'll highlight individuals working in solidarity with our campaigns, whether through art, music, film, photography, organizing, journalism, or even medicine. Below, we feature several friends of the CoR Network whom we are proud to include in our network. To learn more about Friends of the Cultures of Resistance Network and how you can get involved, see the bottom of the page.

Get Involved

Want to join us as a Friend of the CoR Network? Email us at campaigns [at] with your name, location, and skills that you would be willing to share. For example:

  • translating materials into Arabic, French, Korean, or other languages
  • contributing artwork or graphic design to a CoR Network project
  • researching local artists in a conflict zone who are doing work for peace
  • contributing photography for the CoR Network site or social media
  • being a local contact for your country/city
  • hosting artists and activists traveling in your area
  • coordinating events at your local art gallery, performance space, or community center
  • disseminating information about CoR Network campaigns in a local newspaper or blog

We look forward to hearing from you!


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