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Don't miss the International Day of the Disappeared:

Every year, our friends at the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared on August 30.

Scholars support the Iran deal!

The National Iranian American Council organized a petition in support of the Iran deal that's already been signed by 77 renowned International Relations and Middle East scholars, including Noam Chomsky and Trita Parsi.

Slow Food on immigrant workers in the US:

Our ally Slow Food published an article on the role of immigrants in the US food economy and their unjust working conditions.

Hip-hop artist Hasan Salaam in Palestine:

While on tour, he went to the funeral of the 18-month-old baby who died after Israeli settlers set fire to his family's home in the West Bank.

Advice on filming the police, from WITNESS:

WITNESS is an organization that uses the power of film to bring awareness to human rights abuses around the world.



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