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Social change with Center for the Working Poor!

Our friends at the Center for the Working Poor provide assistance to the poor, while also running trainings on community organizing and nonviolent social movements.

Don't miss the Elevate Festival livestream this week!

The Elevate Festival, which features music, activism, and political debates, starts this Thursday in Graz, Austria.

Solidarity with imprisoned anti-slavery activists!

Over the course of a few days in June and July, the Mauritanian government arrested thirteen anti-slavery activists, including our allies at the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA).

Education as resistance in Mauritania!

This year, we're supporting the construction of a new classroom at a school built by the Maayo Fuuta Association in Mauritania.

Did you miss Slow Food at Terra Madre?

Check out a video of the parade here!



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