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Weaving as resistance in Iraq!

Our ally BirdLife International is working with Iraqi women, particularly widows, to keep the tradition of weaving palm fronds and reeds alive.

How can we help protect orangutans?

This year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature determined that Bornean orangutans are now "critically endangered" and that efforts at orangutan conservation in Borneo have been largely unsuccessful.

Congrats to Educate a Girl on educating 1,000 girls!

The campaign, run by our friends at the Dawood Global Foundation, funded vocational training in journalism for 1,000 girls in Karachi, Pakistan.

Barefoot College trains women as solar engineers!

"Because I am a farmer in my village, I am not expected to even hold a pen and write. I will be going back to my village as a solar engineer." — Ako Esther, solar engineer from Cameroon

Terra Madre Day is this Saturday!

On December 10 our friends at Slow Food are celebrating Terra Madre Day, an international event that honors the diversity of food cultures around the world.



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