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Victory for indigenous rights in Brazil!

Congrats to our ally Amazon Watch on its successful campaign to get the license for the Belo Sun Mine revoked.

Happy #HumanRightsDay, friends!

This year, our friends at Amnesty International are asking people to not just celebrate human rights but to take action act in defense of them!

Happy #WorldSoilDay, everyone!

"Healthier soils grow more nutritious food, store carbon and strengthen resilience to droughts & flooding. That’s something worth celebrating!" - SOIL Haiti

"Planting olive trees is my form of resistance.”

Olive trees are synonymous with Palestinian resistance, and our friends at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights are raising money to plant as many olive trees for Palestinian farmer families as possible!

Looking for great resistance podcasts?

Our allies at Dissent Magazine are producing two that you shouldn't miss!



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