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The 1st Int'l Peace Film Festival will be next April!

Created in the wake of the completion of the Jeju Naval Base, a controversial new military base in South Korea, the International Peace Film Festival will aim to surround the navy base with the power of culture.

Find your local peace economy!

Our friends at CODEPINK just launched a new interactive map that lets you find projects, organizations, and people working to build sustainability and community around the world.

Historic victory in Haiti!

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that after six years of pressure, the United Nations has conceded it played a role in Haiti's devastating cholera epidemic and promises “a significant new set of UN actions”.

White Helmets are nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Our friends The White Helmets are a group of unarmed and impartial firefighters, search and rescue workers, and medics who volunteer to rush to bombing sites and rescue people from under the rubble.

Support indigenous Mexican farmers!

Our friends at Barefoot Farm, an eight-acre farmstead in North Carolina, provide organic produce to low-income families in the region, while also supporting indigenous Tarahumara farmers in the Copper Canyons of Mexico.



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