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Show your support for imprisoned journalists!

Thanks to our ally Committee to Protect Journalists, you can send a digital postcard to one of them any journalists around the world who have been imprisoned for doing their job.

These women are becoming solar engineers!

Our ally Barefoot College trains women in solar engineering so that they can return to their rural communities with the tools to make economic and environmental changes!

Kick Shell out of clean-up efforts in Ogoniland!

Two massive oil spills in 2008 and 2009 have led to severe damage to Nigeria's Ogoniland and the UN estimates that it could take up to thirty years for the region to recover.

"The electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip worsened..."

Our friends at DCIP are working tirelessly to get health care and legal aid to Palestinian children.

Victory for Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Thanks to IJDH's advocacy work, the US budget will include $10 million for fighting cholera in Haiti!



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