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Music as a Cultural Bridge

Like the other arts, music is able to transcend the arbitrary boundaries that humans devise to separate themselves from others.

The Sound of Resistance

Check out our feature about how music has historically worked to bolster resistance and about how traditions of musical defiance are taking root in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.

All Eyes on the Congo: Films for Peace in the DRC

For the better part of the past two decades, the deadliest conflict since World War II has been unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Messengers of Peace in Brazil's Favelas

Out of the poverty and violence of Brazil's favelas has evolved some remarkable music.

Shadia Mansour: The First Lady of Arab Hip Hop Speaks Out Against Occupation

The First Lady of Arab hip hop speaks out against occupation.

Musicians in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Recognizing that music can be a powerful tool for social change, we've collaborated with a number of artist-activists who are both producing inspring music and are taking courageous stands for human rights.