Help support Survival's Guardians of the Amazon—

Help support Survival International's Guardians of the Amazon—one of whom was recently killed defending the Amazon against illegal loggers!

"Bom dia friend,

"We’re sending you these words today because we need you. Our forest is being invaded by illegal loggers, right now. It’s an emergency.

"We patrol, we find the loggers, we destroy their equipment and we send them away. We’ve stopped many loggers. It’s working.

"We constantly receive death threats from the logging gangs. Four of us were killed. But we continue, as our forest is our life. Without it, we would all be dead.

"Our uncontacted Awá relatives also live in the forest. They cannot survive if it’s destroyed. As long as we live, we will fight for the uncontacted Indians, for all of us, and for nature.

"Please help us to protect our forest. We will never give up."

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Date posted: 12-4-19