Help protect endangered trees in Brazil!

Help protect endangered trees in Brazil!

Our friends at The Global Trees Campaign are working to ensure that the region’s most threatened tree species are actively planted out across the region, helping to save these species from extinction and create rich and diverse forests in the future. So far, they've planted more than 14,000 trees from 75 different species!

"Ninety-nine percent of primary Araucaria forest habitat in southern Brazil has been lost due to logging and farming. As a result, 72 of its 352 native tree species are threatened or are extremely rare. These include iconic candelabra trees (Araucaria angustifolia), high value timber species such as the imbuia (Ocotea porosa) and rare palm trees (Butia eriospatha), much loved by gardeners as beautiful ornamental plants.

"In the face of such extreme habitat loss, many threatened species are failing to regenerate naturally, and need tree-planting to help boost numbers and ensure long-term survival."

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Date posted: 2-19-19