Hope in Troubling Times

tcf mapAt a time when executive orders and congressional actions in the United States are putting civil liberties, religious minorities, and immigrant rights at risk, the Cultures of Resistance Network is proud to support organizations that are standing up for communities under attack. If you're feeling helpless and want to do something, here's a list of groups in our network that are really making an impact in pushing back against government encroachment on our rights. From supporting immigrants to promoting climate justice to ending Islamophobia, these organizations are refusing to give up on their missions to protect basic human rights and equality for all. Now, they need your help and solidarity more than ever before.

Protecting Immigrant Rights

tcf mapAmidst threats of mass deportation and border walls, our ally Make the Road New York has been one of the most nationally visible groups promoting immigrant resistance. The organization has developed a Deportation Defense Manual that provides resources and information to communities targeted by anti-immigrant attacks. They are also pushing for increasing the number of sanctuary cities throughout the country in order to better protect immigrants from deportation. To learn more, check out an article that Make the Road members wrote for The Nation on how cities and states can become sanctuaries. You can also visit Make the Road's new Keeping Up the Resistance page to join its ongoing efforts to push back against anti-immigrant legislation.

Undocumented activists, in particular, face threat of arrest and deportation under the current administration. But in spite of these risks, they continue to show up at protests and rallies around the country. Our ally Democracy Now! has done great work documenting the experiences—and resilience—of these undocumented activists who refuse to be intimidated by anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

Supporting Women's Rights

tcf mapOur friends at Global Fund for Women are leading the resistance to attacks on women's rights with their #BuildMovementsNotWalls campaign. And in the midst of the #MeToo movement, they are working to develop a feminist response to the Trump presidency and turn growing anger about pervasive sexual harassment into a sustainable campaign that can create tangible change. This important work began the moment Trump was inaugurated, when the organization was an official partner of the Women's March on Washington. Additionally, they have been profiling inspiring women activists—with a particular focus on Muslim women and women from the Global South. These are just some of the ways in which Global Fund for Women is mobilizing women activists in the US and beyond to fight back against attacks on reproductive rights and gender equality. Click here to get involved with the #BuildMovementsNotWalls campaign!

Another ally, CodePink, a women-led peace movement, also played a large role in turning people out for the Women's March on Washington and other inauguration protests. Now, the group is continuing to hold this administration accountable by organizing women to oppose US-funded wars and occupations. Check out CodePink's Action Toolkit to get information on everything from direct-action tactics and organizing trainings to protest songs and banner-making!

Defending Civil Liberties

Our friends at the Center for Constitutional Rights do essential work using the law to fight back against racist and Islamophobic legislation. Whether it's fighting to end discriminatory policing or spreading information about creative legal strategies, CCR bravely represents some of the world's most vulnerable populations against some of the world's most powerful people. To get involved, check out the organization's Take Action and Resources for the Resistance pages.

Another group doing important work on this front is the Committee to Protect Journalists. Through disseminating information, conducting vital research, and offering legal resources to journalists, CPJ is working to defend press freedom in the US and beyond. Visit CPJ's Advocacy page to learn more and get involved in ongoing campaigns.

Promoting Climate Justice

With climate deniers gaining power, the efforts of organizations that fight to protect our planet, as well as the vulnerable communities impacted by climate change, are becoming more imperative than ever. Our allies 350.org and the Sierra Club play a key role in organizing mass demonstrations around climate justice and led the resistance against the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. They have also been vocal supporters of former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency who are speaking out against climate deniers in the current administration. Both groups helped plan a national People's Climate March in Washington DC in April 2017.

When President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the landmark Paris climate agreement on June 1, 2017, our grantee Greenpeace immediately launched a call to action, asking its supporters to voice their concerns. To get involved in upcoming actions and campaigns, visit Greenpeace's Get Involved page.

If you're looking for recommendations of groups working on a different issue that you care about or have suggestions for other groups that should be included here, please let us know by emailing info@culturesofresistance.org!