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Keep defending indigenous rights in the Amazon!

The Pariri Indigenous Association fights for the physical and cultural survival of seven Munduruku villages of the Middle Tapajós.

Roughly 10% of adults in Malawi live with HIV...

But our ally Partners In Health is working to provide quality healthcare to over 150,000 patients.

". . . and meanwhile, in the middle of the war . . ."

Since 2002, our ally MMCC global's Social Circus has educated, entertained, and brought joy and hope to over 3.7 million children in war zones—and they show no signs of stopping!

Reading can be a great act of resistance!

Books are one of the best tools we have and we're excited to be supporting the Honiara City Library on the Solomon Islands so that everyone can access the resources they need!

Education as resistance:

The school we helped found has now been up and running in Pakistan for two years!