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Music as resistance:

This new festival in Malawi is raising money to improve health care for children!

MSF won the Nobel Peace Prize 20 years ago!

We just got a note from Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) celebrating 20 years since MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize!

Happy 30th anniversary, Mae Tao Clinic!

Since director Iara Lee visited Burma in 2011, we have been supporting the Mae Tao Clinic, a health service provider and training center established to provide quality healthcare to displaced Burmese people.

Help support Survival's Guardians of the Amazon—

One of whom was recently killed defending the Amazon against illegal loggers!

Feeling helpless in the face of Syria’s crisis?

Take action with our ally فريق ملهم التطوعي Molham Volunteering Team!