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Yemen Peace Project

The Yemen Peace Project (YPP) works to support Yemeni individuals and organizations creating positive change, advance peaceful and just US policies toward Yemen, defend the rights of Yemenis in the diaspora, and increase understanding of Yemen in the wider world. Since 2010, the group has amplified the efforts of Yemeni civil society actors, informed the US public and policymakers about Yemeni affairs, created a global platform for Yemeni artists and filmmakers, and worked to transform US policy toward Yemen. It currently has two core programs: its policy advocacy program and its micro-grantmaking program, the Yemeni Empowerment Fund.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the Yemeni Empowerment Fund. The find is a micro-grantmaking program, through which YPP helps Yemeni individuals and organizations—in Yemen and the diaspora—create positive change in their communities, their countries, and the wider world. YPP believes that the most effective way to fulfill its mission and address the challenges that face Yemenis is through local, Yemeni-run initiatives. It offers small grants to people and organizations that otherwise would have difficulty securing financial support.

Website: www.yemenpeaceproject.org