YES MEN (via Eyebeam)

The New York Times Special Edition announced the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 14 pages of additional stories of good news from a possible future. The paper was a near exact reproduction of the New York Times. It was distributed on November 12th, 2008, one week after the presidential election, and dated 8 months into the future, on July 4th, 2009. With around 1,000 volunteers on the street distributing papers, news of the stunt spread across New York and then the world within hours. The paper briefly transported an unsuspecting public to a place where peace and a sustainable world were not only possible, but the current reality.

Groups involved in the project included The Yes Men, The Anti-Advertising Agency, CODEPINK, May First/People Link, Evil Twin, Improv Everywhere, and Not An Alternative, as well has dozens of volunteer writers, organizers, and hundreds of distributors of the paper. Funds from the Cultures of Resistance Network offset the costs of distributing the paper and documenting the project. Without these funds, the project would not have been possible at this scale.

Eyebeam served as a fiscal sponsor for this grant.