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Upaya Zen Center is a Zen Buddhist practice, service, and training center. Its vision focuses on the integration of practice and social action, bringing together wisdom and compassion. Its mission is to provide a context for community practice, education in Buddhism, and social service in the areas of death and dying, prison work, the environment, women’s rights, and peace work. It endeavors to fulfill the vision of the Five Buddha Family Mandala, by understanding the integration of all of its functions.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the rebuilding of the Prajna Mountain Forest Refuge, located in a small valley in the midst of three million acres of Carson National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness. It is a refuge for people involved with social action and social service who need to take time away from their work and service in order to restore themselves and renew their inspiration. It is also an place that is dedicated to environmental stewardship. In the winter of 2017, three beautiful, hand-built structures burned to the ground, including two living structures and a bath-house. The fire started as a result of an electrical short in the batteries of the solar power system. The surrounding forest was saved from fire by several people who were in retreat elsewhere on the land.

Website: www.upaya.org