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The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff Project promotes and organizes civic campaigns around environmentalism and sustainability. The organization was formed to build on the momentum of filmmaker Annie Leonard’s documentary “The Story of Stuff” (2007). The film, which has garnered over 50 million online views from around the world, showed how the materials economy had created a harmful and unsustainable system of extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. The documentary explained how the planet, and its people, are being harmed due to an endless system of over-consumption and excess waste production.

Today, the Story of Stuff Project provides educational material, organizes events and supports grassroots environmental campaigns. Their Grassroots Grants program, established in 2017, gives funds to historically underfunded organizations and communities on the frontlines of environmentalism. The program’s main focus is tackling water privatization, plastic pollution, and petrochemical buildout, though the initiative also sometimes supports broader, interconnected environmental and social justice work.

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