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The Synergos Institute

Synergos is a global non-profit organization that helps solve the complex problems of poverty and inequality by promoting and supporting collaborations among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities. Over the course of more than twenty-five years, Synergos has supported innovative initiatives in more than thirty countries and regions.

The Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) is a dynamic network of leading philanthropic families from across the world committed to using their time, influence, and resources to fight global poverty and social injustice. Founded in 2001 by Peggy Dulany, Synergos’s Chair, and her father, David Rockefeller, the GPC increases the impact of members’ philanthropy and allows them to become more effective social investors by offering opportunities for learning and collaboration. The GPC comprises about 100 families, including about 250 individual philanthropists from more than twenty-five countries.

For more information, visit the group’s website here.