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Rare Brasil is the leading behavior-change organization in the conservation world. For over forty-five years and across sixty countries, Rare has motivated individuals, their communities, and their local leaders to adopt behaviors that benefit both people and nature.

Rare Brasil’s Fish Forever Program works to deliver the follow elements in partnership with a network that includes community members, government, and universities: establish managed access areas that provide fishing communities clear rights to fish in certain areas; create networks of fully-protected and community-led no-take marine reserves to replenish and sustain fish populations and protect critical habitat; build community engagement and effective management bodies to support local decision-making and engage youth and women; enable fishers to adopt more sustainable and better-regulated fishing behaviors (e.g. become a registered fisher, record fish catch, respect fishing regulations;, and participate in fisheries management); collect, disseminate, and help fishing communities use data for decision-making; advance coastal fishing communities’ inclusion in financial and market opportunities to increase household resilience and leverage the participation of women in the value chain; mobilize public and private investment in coastal fisheries and marine natural resources; enact policy to promote and sustain a community-based management approach.

For more information, visit the group’s website here.