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PS 33 Chelsea Prep

PS 33 Chelsea Prep is a public elementary school in Manhattan’s District 2, with students in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 5. Chelsea Prep is proud to host a diverse community of learners. The school also offers a gifted and talented program. Its Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a highly motivated and active body, thanks to the dedication of all its parent volunteers across the school. It is committed to building an inclusive and supportive school community while enriching each child’s academic experience. The PTA works together with parents, administration, and faculty to plan and organize numerous annual family and community events. These strengthen the community and raise the necessary money to directly fund extra enrichment classes, as well as to support teachers with updated educational tools, teacher’s assistants, and continued professional development.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network helped PS 33 Chelsea Prep provide a well-rounded education that includes athletics, theater, dance, science/STEM, and arts programs.

Website: www.ps33chelseaprep.org