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Permatil School Garden Madabeno

Founded in November 1999, PERMATIL (Permaculture Timor-Leste) has a vision of agriculture and animal management that protects and improves the land, provides produce and income for people, and is sustainable now and into the future. Since its start, PERMATIL has worked with farmers, community leaders and groups, universities, and national and international organizations to train and educate in the theory and practice of permaculture. In Timor-Leste, the ethics of permaculture have been adapted to three imperatives: care for the land, care for the people, and care for the future. Because of the groundwork laid by PERMATIL, Timor-Leste’s newly reformed national primary school curriculum now includes permaculture, agro-ecology, and the living laboratory of school gardens.

A 2017 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network helped Permatil establish a long-term, sustainable school garden at the Madabeno Filial Primary School in the Aileu District. This model school garden will be developed by teachers, parents, and students at the school, with supervision from PERMATIL.

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