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The Papuan Archive Project

The Papuan Archive Project is an initiative that promotes sustainable peace and respect for indigenous rights in West Papua through facilitating justice and accountability for abuses seen in the past and, sadly, still to this day. Recording human rights, cultural, and environmental abuses suffered by the West Papuan people during the Indonesian occupation, the archive is a public record for the world to see. It exists as an interactive website allowing viewers to search the events that collectively comprise the slow motion genocide of the indigenous people of West Papua. The project expands the collective memory of modern day cultural, political, and historical events in the occupied West Papua. It was initiated by a collective of West Papuan activists working to preserve and publicize documentation of the abuses suffered at the hand of the Indonesian occupation since May 1, 1963. The project is initiated by Wensislaus Fatubun, who was one of the founder of Papuan Voices.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported development and maintenance of the Papuan Archive, as well as video evidence training in Jayapura City.

Website: www.papuanarchive.org