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Lajee and BADIL Centers

The Lajee Center (“lajee” means “refugee” in Arabic) is a community organization whose aim is to provide refugee children with cultural, educational, social, and developmental opportunities. Lajee hopes to develop children’s social awareness, broaden their education, and provide them with the critical skills necessary to take on an active and constructive role in their society.

The BADIL Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights is guided by a firm commitment to the principles of international law, which the organization believes include a role for the citizens of the world to bring about self-determination, freedom from racism, and an end to foreign occupation. BADIL’s work aims to empower Palestinians, with a particular focus on refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), through the enhancement of the capacities of relevant community-based organizations.

Carrying their shared goals of pursuing justice, human rights, and peace, Lajee and BADIL have collaborated to offer cultural activities and programing to young, displaced Palestinians. A 2012 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the centers’ joint efforts to develop children’s photography and filmmaking skills and to offer film screenings and photo exhibitions.