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Khubaib Foundation

The Khubaib Foundation is an independent non-profit educational and social welfare organization that was founded in Pakistan in May 1999. Since its inception, the foundation has been working to provide rehabilitation and support services to some of Pakistan’s most vulnerable people, with a particular focus on orphans, prisoners, widows, and the destitute poor. The Khubaib Foundation rejects all forms of discrimination and believes in the equal rights of all people, regardless of their racial, ethnic, national, or religious backgrounds. The organization aims to embody these values in all of its projects. The Khubaib Foundation was also the only organization representing Pakistan on the 2010 Freedom Flotilla, which sought to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza and to bring international attention to the Israeli government’s illegal policies towards the Palestinian territory.

The Foundation is a multi-year grantee.

A 2014 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network provided dry rations to residents of the drought-ridden Tharparkar district in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

A 2013 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the Foundation’s RUMI International School, which provides quality education to children of the Afghan refugee camp in Haripur, Pakistan. This grant principally sponsored a sewing program for women and a basic literacy program for thousands of children in another Afghan refugee camp near RUMI.

A 2012 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the foundation’s Khubaib College Haripur, which was established in 2008 with an emphasis on providing an education to orphans of the 2005 earthquake.

Website: www.khubaibpakistan.org