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Just Media is an open-access, multi-media database for content related to criminal justice. It has  three objectives: provide infrastructure to support advocacy efforts for systemic reform; empower storytellers to create new content about the criminal justice system; and support healing for system-impacted individuals, families, and communities. The project hopes to democratize access to media about criminal justice in order to challenge the veil of secrecy around the prison system; melt the walls among individuals, families, and communities inside and outside of prisons; and create a central and critical place for witnessing and healing where there is no longer a false wall between artists and activists.

A 2020 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network helped Just Media build its website and develop resources. The grant also went towards offsetting the cost of online video storage and developing materials for nonprofit partners and criminal justice advocates.

Website: www.aubinpictures.com/just-media