Hope Bus

The Hope Bus is a grassroots movement that works towards a world without mass dismissals and precarious work. Recognizing that neoliberal policies have led to increased polarization between rich and poor, and confronting the great disparities in how workers and owners experience economic downturns, the Hope Bus is supporting the struggle of Hanjin Heavy Industries workers, who have attracted the attention of Korean society. The Hope Bus publicizes the injustice of mass dismissals and brings together people of conscience from various layers of society to demonstrate their support for the Hanjin workers’ struggle. As a central part of this work, the Hope Bus also raises consciousness about the links between neo-liberalism, economic insecurity, mass dismissals, and precarious work. Workers, disabled persons, LGBTs, students, women, artists, and other concerned citizens have joined the movement.

The Hope Bus used a grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network for publicity activities and for organizing a people’s rally.