Founded by 2014 Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave aims to stop child labor in the carpet industry and replicate its market-driven model in new industries. GoodWeave undertakes a holistic approach that aims to disrupt the vicious cycle of child labor and poverty. It operates in both producer countries (Afghanistan, India, and Nepal) and consumer countries (US, UK, and Germany) and seeks to end child labor by changing the market in consumer countries to demand child labor-free goods through awareness-raising and education of consumers and partners, as well as promoting the GoodWeave label. GoodWeave also inspects and certifies carpet-weaving facilities and authorizes use of its trademarked label on rugs made at looms meeting GoodWeave standards. Additionally, it offers emancipation, education, rehabilitation, and shelter to young victims and facilitates economic opportunity to adult weavers—primarily women—by ensuring their handiwork has a competitive edge through global distribution channels, market-building consumer awareness campaigns, and a proven brand in the GoodWeave® label.

A 2015 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported GoodWeave’s Stand With Sanju Campaign. The campaign aims to make consumers aware that their choice can either perpetuate or end child slavery and deliver the message in such a way that they will be unwavering in their decision to purchase a certified rug. Watch the film here.