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Free My Family Campaign

The Free My Family Campaign was created to support the many Iranian citizens who are imprisoned for having expressed ideas contrary to those of their ruling government. In addition to these violations of freedom of speech, families of Iranian prisoners of conscience are also banned from giving interviews, and often harassed, threatened, and sometimes arrested. The goal of Free My Family is to use global solidarity networks to advocate for these prisoners’ freedom. Each person who joins the Campaign will “adopt” prisoners of conscience, on whose behalf he or she will advocate until prisoners and their families are released and left alone. The cumulative outcome of this process is the creation of a strong, international web of people devoted to Iranians’ freedom of speech.

Support from the Cultures of Resistance Network went to the creation of the Free My Family website. Specifically, the funding supported the writing of profiles of several political prisoners, and the translation of those profiles into many different languages.

Website: www.freemyfamilycampaign.com