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Called one of the county’s “most established food think tanks” by the New York Times, Food First is a “people’s” think-and-do tank. Its mission is to end the injustices that cause hunger. The organization aims to help end hunger by enabling farmers and communities to take back control of the food systems presently dominated by transnational agri-foods industries. Food First carries out research, analysis, advocacy and education to build informed citizen engagement and political will with the institutions and policies that control production, distribution, and access to food.

Support from the Cultures of Resistance Network enabled Food First to provide updated information and analysis regarding movement-based initiatives to end hunger in Africa. Food First’s newsletter, “African Agroecological Alternatives to the Green Revolution,” provides hard-to-get information on programs and investments of governments, corporations, and philanthropies, as well as amplifying the voices of the social movements fighting to advance their own, African alternatives to corporate agriculture development.

Website: www.foodfirst.org