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Family Health Alliance (FHA)

Family Health Alliance (FHA) is a female-led, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the health of women and families in resource-poor environments through education, training, and research. FHA promotes the advancement of reproductive health and rights and recognizes the role of women in the promotion and improvement of family health. The organization is committed to grassroots, culturally sensitive, and community-centered public health programs. Their training programs are based on a unique empowerment model in which its trainers work closely with participants to help them to overcome cultural and social obstacles in providing reproductive health care in often challenging environments.

FHA has been working in Afghanistan for the past eight years in reduction of maternal mortality through birth spacing and family planning. The organization has provided training in family planning and reproductive health to hundreds of local female and male health providers.

The Cultures of Resistance Network supported FHA produce a Family Planning/Reproductive Health Training Film. This film contributed to the expansion of family planning services in Afghanistan by fostering men’s participation in and support of women’s access to healthcare and ultimately lead to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

Website: www.familyhealthalliance.org