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Enric Sala

Dr. Enric Sala is National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and marine ecologist working tirelessly in pursuit of ocean conservation. Sala launched Pristine Seas, an exploration, research, and conservation project in partnership with National Geographic that aims to find, survey, and help protect the last healthy and undisturbed places in the ocean. The Pristine Seas team has worked with Oceana and the Chilean government to establish the 15,000-square-kilometer Motu Motiro Hiva Marine Park around Salas y Gómez, a small, uninhabited Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean.

An expedition to the Pitcairn Islands, a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean was surveyed and documented by Sala’s team. The data has helped to establish new scientific baselines for intact—and critically important—environments.

For more information, visit the group’s website here.