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The Dost Foundation

The Dost Foundation, formerly known as the Muhammad Ibrahim Memorial Society (MIMS), was established in 2001. MIMS is a non-profit organization based in Skardu, Pakistan, that seeks to improve living standards in the surrounding Baltistan region through education, health, and infrastructure projects. The organization has undertaken efforts ranging from bridge construction to the distribution of food and warm clothes among poor families. In the last five years, MIMS has prioritized education as a means toward social development. The group has built schools from the ground-up in villages where there were none. It now provides hundreds of students—both boys and girls—with full educational facilities. MIMS continues to expand its efforts as more and more local communities approach the group requesting schools.

In Skardu, MIMS is currently updating the building facilities for its school in the village Gulabpur Shigar by adding a boundary wall and additional latrines.

For more information, visit the group’s website here.