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Deep Dish TV is the first grassroots satellite and cable television production and distribution network. Since 1986 it has been a laboratory for new, democratic and empowering ways to make and distribute video. It has been a hub linking thousands of artists, independent video makers, programmers and social activists. The network has produced and distributed over 300 hours of television series that challenge the suppression of awareness, the corruption of language and the perversion of logic that characterize commercial media. With humor, passion, creative flair and very low budgets, Deep Dish TV artists and producers have developed provocative video series exploring issues that profoundly impact our lives. We have documented both U.S. invasions of Iraq (Iraqi Women Speak Out – 2007, The World Tribunal on Iraq – 2006, Fallujah 2006, Shocking and Awful 2004-2005 and The Gulf War Television Project 1992); the U.S. culture of incarceration (America Behind Bars-1996-2001); health care in the U.S. (Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired-1994); racism in the U.S. media (Spigots for Bigots or Channels for Change-1990) and much more.

The Cultures of Resistance Network supported Deep Dish TV’s 6 part documentary series on the July 2006 Lebanon war between Israel, backed by the U.S., and the forces of Hezbollah. “Lebanon: Imperial Legacy – Battleground of Empire” includes the work of videographers Ana Nogueira, Brandon Jourdan, Carol Mansour, Maya Mikdashi, Rosie Bsheer and photojournalist Andy Stern, who were in Lebanon during and after the 34 day war. Each program explores different aspects of the brutal conflict that saw Israel destroy most of southern Lebanon. The series also includes a short documentary on the colonial origins of the Lebanese state and the wars and occupations, which have afflicted its modern history.

Website: www.deepdishtv.org