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The Carter Center’s Human Rights Program works to educate and mobilize influential U.S. leadership toward a resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict firmly grounded in human rights. As a former U.S. president and expert on the Middle East, Jimmy Carter has significant authority among policymakers and activists. Leveraging his position and the Carter Center’s years of experience working in the region, the organization is able to enlist the support of U.S.-based community leaders previously unfamiliar with the conflict.

Working with its partners in the United States and the region, the Carter Center exposes these leaders to the realities of life under occupation and introduces them to a wide range of Palestinian and Israeli leaders from the political, religious, civic, and activist spheres during fact-finding missions. Participating activists often establish long-term partnerships between their organizations in the United States and Palestinian community development organizations, creating a positive, tangible result from the exchange. Following their return to the United States, the Center provides ongoing support as U.S. activists seek to share and act upon their experiences with policymakers and the public at large. The Carter Center’s objective in these efforts is to create a growing and diverse constituency of American leaders who are actively pursuing peace with justice in Palestine.

A 2012 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the general operations of the Carter Center’s Human Rights Program.

Website: www.cartercenter.org