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Beit Atfal Assumoud

The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational training (NISCVT), known as Beit Atfal Assumoud (BAS), is a humanitarian, non-sectarian, and non-governmental organization. It was established on August 12th, 1976, after the Tal Al Zaatar massacre, to provide assistance and accommodation for the orphaned children who lost their parents during the massacre. Today, NISCVT is providing services for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and other disadvantaged people of other nationalities living in the camps or close to them.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported Beit Atfal Assumoud’s orphan sponsorship program. Each year, BAS supports over 1,000 Palestinian refugee children from Lebanon and over 100 Palestinian refugee children from Syria.

Website: www.socialcare.org