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Al Awda Hospital

Al Awda Hospital, established in 1997, is the first-line hospital in the Gaza Strip and provides health services to all inhabitants in the northern part of the region. Al Awda is the main provider of maternity services in the northern part of the Gaza Strip and is the only provider of Fluoroscopy services. It is also authorized as an educational hospital from some universities in the Gaza Strip to train nursing students.

Al Awda Hospital was badly damaged during an assault on the refugee camp in 2015. Byline.com offered Normal Finkelstein the opportunity to write a crowd-funded column and he leapt at the chance to simultaneously raise much-needed funds for the hospital. Norman and his team reached a huge audience and met their $100,000 crowd-funding campaign goal in August 2015, thanks to nearly 1,000 contributors. The funds will help ensure a continuation of health services for the poorest and most disadvantaged in the Gaza Strip.

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