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Anarchists Against The Wall (AATW)

Anarchists Against The Wall (AATW) is a group of Israeli activists that supports Palestinian popular resistance. AATW focuses on the struggle against the Israeli government’s separation wall, which prevents farmers from accessing their lands and more broadly restricts West Bank Palestinians’ freedom of movement. AATW has worked with affected communities to help organize and carry out demonstrations across the West Bank on a daily basis.

AATW’s participation in demonstrations carries significant legal risks. The Israeli military arbitrarily arrests activists in order to discourage supporters from joining the demonstrations. AATW members face weekly arrests and dozens of on-going trials, which almost uniformly stem from participating in nonviolent actions.

A 2012 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network contributed to AATW’s legal fund, which enables the organization to continue its work.

Website: www.facebook.com/Anarchists-Against-The-Wall-184879698210917