Nomads: Human Rights, Cultural Roots, and Media

Nomads: Human Rights, Cultural Roots, and Media is a Madrid-based NGO that supports Sahrawi-led cultural, media, and human rights projects in the refugee camps in Algeria and in occupied Western Sahara. Its goal is to strengthen the struggle for justice, peace, human rights, and self-determination of the indigenous population of Western Sahara by supporting local capacity-building.

A 2018 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported the training of a Sahrawi film student, Sidahmed Salek, at the Madrid Film Institute. As other Sahrawi film students before him, Sidahmed's goal was to return to the refugee camps as a film instructor and teach at the local film school. Sidahmed and other Sahrawi filmmakers are collectively giving birth to Sahrawi cinematography and are teaching young refugees the art of visual storytelling—one of the most powerful and necessary tools to raise international awareness about the forgotten conflict in Western Sahara.