el Seed

eL Seed is a French-Tunisian street artist whose works incorporate traditional Arabic calligraphy in a style he calls "calligraffiti." His inspirations include Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and the Iraqi artist Sundus Abdul-Hadi. eL Seed also points to the 2011 revolution in Tunisia as a major source of inspiration.

eL Seed's art has been shown in exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, Chicaco, and Dubai, and he has painted murals on the walls of various cities including Melbourne, London, and Toronto, in addition to various Tunisian cities. He has also held workshops and demonstrations at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar and at Harvard University. eL Seed is currently based in Montreal.

A 2012 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network supported new visual art. The Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) served as a fiscal sponsor for this grant.

Website: http://elseed-art.com/