Dawood Global Foundation (DGF)

Dawood Global Foundation (DGF) was founded with the aim of helping build an educated, healthy, and prosperous society. The Foundation works towards this mission by promoting quality education, healthcare, and social enterprises, with a particular focus on women, minorities, youth, and the disabled. DGF also works to strengthen environmental sustainability and support institutions that include the participation of vulnerable groups. And through its LADIESFUND® platform, DGF has supported entrepreneurship conferences, luncheon and awards series, and internships and mentorships to promote women's leadership.

A 2014-2015 grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network enabled DGF to fund a vocational training in media studies for 100 girls through the Foundation's Educate a Girl - Mission 1000 project, which is a partnership with the Institute of Journalism, Karachi, and various media outlets. The grant also included support for a documentary on the media training participants.

Website: www.dawoodglobal.org