People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

PETA’s youth outreach division, peta2, mobilizes vast numbers of young people to help end animal abuse. In peta2's peer-to-peer outreach programs, groups of young staffers attend youth-focused events such as concerts and professional skateboard tournaments, reaching thousands of teens and young adults per day. These programs, followed up with mass text messages inviting kids to join peta2's Street Team, encourage prospective activists to get involved with animal rights campaigns and spread the “do unto others” message in their communities. Thanks to these strategies and other media promotions--many involving young celebrities and athletes--peta2 has more than 600,000 e-news subscribers and more than 50,000 active Street Team members.

Support from the Cultures of Resistance Network helped peta2 participate in several concert tours to organize youth to combat animal abuse.