Where You Can Practice Capoeira

Below is a list of capoeira groups that, each in their own way, maintain the art's spirit of resistance. If you are looking to learn or teach capoeira, take a look at these organizations to see if they offer ways to get involved in your area.

Bidna Capoeria – Bidna Capoeira is CapoeirArab's sister organization that works with marginalized and vulnerable children in the Middle East, mostly in refugee camps.
Website: www.bidnacapoeira.org

Association of Capoeira Argola de Ouro (Singapore) - Capoeira Argola de Ouro's work has been recognized by the Singapore Sports Council in their Sports Education Programme, the National Arts Council's Art Education Programme, and the People's Association through the capoeira lessons in the local community center for members of the public. The group also organizes classes for students in primary and secondary schools.
Website: www.adoclife.com

The South African Capoeira Foundation – The South African Capoeira Foundation prides itself on its social inclusion projects and utilizing capoeira as a tool and catalyst for community improvement.
Website: www.capoeira.co.za

Cordao De Ouro India – India’s first official capoeria group uses the art form as a medium to address self-development, exercise, and healthy living to student of all ages and from various sections of Mumbai society. The school’s founder, Reza Messah, has a specific focus on reaching out to Mumbai’s street kids and local orphanages.
Website: www.capoeiraindia.blogspot.com


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