Stop construction of the largest hydropower scheme!

Help our ally International Rivers stop construction of the world's largest hydropower scheme!

The Grand Inga Dam, proposed for the Congo River in the DRC, is part of a larger plan to develop a power grid across Africa that could spur economic development. But the human cost of this project would be great, as one of International River's members explains:

"People may dismiss the human cost of relocation, but experience has shown that it’s very hard to restore livelihoods. In the majority of cases, dam-affected communities are not compensated for lost livelihoods. This is true worldwide. And worse, dams cheat future generations of opportunities.

"During my visits to communities fighting a dam, I’ve met a number of women selling cash crops to provide for their families. They may not know how to read or write, but they know how to grow cassava or nuts – I don’t. They work hard to feed their families and send their children to school. A dam is a threat to their lives and their children’s futures.

"This kind of development raises hard questions.

Is it right to sacrifice the lives of 100 people for 100 MW? Is it possible to make one person’s life better without making someone else worse off?"

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Date posted: 3-13-17