Kashmir Education Initiative

The Kashmir Education Initiative (KEI) considers education to be the primary imperative in the empowerment and development of individuals, institutions and communities, and has been working in Indian Administered Kashmir since 2007. Kashmiri society in general and its educational institutions in particular have been severely affected by the violence in the region.

This special humanitarian situation needs special attention. The people of KEI are associated with Kashmir either by virtue of being from that part of the world or by being sympathetic to the problems in Kashmir. KEI's multi-pronged approach to building educational opportunities includes administering scholarships and running engagement & experiential programs.

A grant from the Cultures of Resistance Network in 2014 contributed towards the scholarships of fifteen students through KEI’s Sponsor1Scholar-High School program. The sponsorship covers all educational and related expenses of the scholar like tuition fee, expenses on books and supplies, school uniform and transportation.

Website: www.kashmirei.org


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