Conflict Zone Film Fund

The CONFLICT ZONE FILM FUND helps promote forward-thinking filmmakers – both new and established – who possess a provocative, artistic, and culturally significant vision. The films are narrative and documentary film projects that explore a range of themes and ideas, from peace and disarmament to human rights to arts and culture around the globe. Take a look at some recent selections.

Conflict Zone Films

  • Howard ZinnVoices of a People's History of the United States Building on the success of the writing of Howard Zinn, the nonprofit organization Voices of a People’s History of the United States was founded this year to further education and social justice efforts. One of those efforts – a documentary film called “The People Speak,” based on Zinn’s books – will air on national television and at select theaters in 2009. In conjunction with the film, Voices will work with partners to develop a comprehensive high school and college educational curriculum as well as teacher training and community engagement projects related to Zinn’s texts.

  • Roy HargroveBebop in Baalbeck - The Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band Live in Lebanon Bebop in Baalbeck recounts a fascinating encounter in the summer of 2005, when The Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band performed in ancient Roman ruins at the 50th Anniversary Baalbeck International Festival in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

  • Blood and OilBlood and Oil Blood and Oil corrects the historical record about the role of the dirty three-letter word in American politics and foreign policy, oil, and calls for a radical re-thinking of US energy policy, warning that unless we change direction, we stand to be drawn into one oil war after another as the global hunt for diminishing world petroleum supplies accelerates.

  • Babak Amini-On That DayIranian Films for Peace: A Series of Shorts produced by Bahman Ghobadi We made contact with award-winning Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi (HALF MOON, TURTLES CAN FLY, A TIME FOR DRUNKEN HORSES), and discussed how best to go about this. We decided to commission five up-and-coming Iranian filmmakers, two of them as young as 10 and 13, to produce a series of short videos on the themes of war and peace.

  • Sister DorothyThey Killed Sister Dorothy Winner of the Audience Award at the South by Southwest film festival in 2008, They Killed Sister Dorothy tells the story of a Catholic nun from Dayton, Ohio shot and killed on a muddy road in the Brazilian Amazon, on February 12th, 2005.

  • Emmanuel JalWar Child War Child is the story of rising African hip-hop star Emmanuel Jal, who was conscripted in to the 20-year civil war in southern Sudan as a child. Jal is one of the tens of thousands of "lost boys" of the Sudan, forced to leave the country and ending up in at United Nations camp for Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.

  • War Made EasyWar Made Easy Based on the book by Norman Solomon, and narrated by Sean Penn, War Made Easy brings to the screen biting analysis about the strategies used by U.S. administrations, both Democratic and Republican, to promote their agendas for war from Vietnam to Iraq. By familiarizing viewers with the techniques of war propaganda, War Made Easy encourages us to think critically about the messages put out by today's spin doctors - messages which are designed to promote and prolong a policy of militarism under the guise of the "war on terror."


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